Students for Creative Social Activism

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About Us

We’re Students for Creative Social Activism, a progressive, multi-issue group, working to educate ourselves and our community on how to make a more just, equal, and sustainable future.

SCSA has three main goals:

1) Educating ourselves on the nature of social change, community organizing, and raising awareness.

2) Educating our campus/community on issues relating to current events and social issues in Muncie and around the world.

3) Elevating existing solutions to social problems focusing on programs that empower people, increase the general quality of life, and support equality of opportunity.


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Be Here Now Permaculture Garden

Hanging out is what Be Here Now is for. Plants are the best hang-outers of all time so we brought them together to pump up the party.

If you stumble onto the BHN patio while looking for the bathroom this summer you’ll find yourself at the threshold of Muncie Permaculture Initiative’s newest project. Magnanimous proprietor Whitney Lewis invited PI to design a super cool hippy garden to energize the BHN outdoor concert space.


Check it out.

Below are some establishing visuals of the space we are working with. It’s a pretty large area with a  stage in the Northeast corner and a bar in the Southwest corner. See if for yourself at Be Here Now, right around the corner from Greek’s Pizza in the village.



The only World Headquarters of Be Here Now


West wall


Stage area – Northwest corner


IMG_6471   IMG_6472

Eastern wall


As you can see, we have SO much space for activities! Some possibilities we have discussed:   1) A hanging hop garden   2) Vertical growing divider wall   3) Elevated PVC rain garden   4) Laying to rest some very tired, deserving apple trees   5) Others??






Important first step: measure for accuracy!



IMG_6616     IMG_6617

Elevated PVC pipe garden lining the east wall. The pipes are cut open on top and filled with a soil mixture and rocks.

IMG_6620       IMG_6609


A liner is placed in the bottom of the PVC pipes to give more stability.  Burlap: fibrous material that will help retain moisture



magical PVC cutting dust





Permies hard at work




The PVC garden is the only thing up so far, but Spring is upon us – the permaculture work season is about to get serious! Contact us if you want to be a part of our awesome projects!

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Go Fossil Free Flash Mob

This past Thursday, one of our campaigns, Go Fossil Free (an international divestment campaign) had a flash mob to inform the public about the campaign and why Ball State should divest from the fossil fuel industry We danced to a parody of Gold Digger written by another Ball State student. Best part: It was a huge success! Check out the video!